Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Artist Review ONE: Rachel Maclean.

Rachel Maclean:

Type: Digital Video
Art title: Tae Think Again
Length: 10 minutes
Year: 2008

This is the video was playing in the corner of the gallery and the sound drew me toward watching this film.
Its a very bizarre and flamboyant film. To be honest it made little to no sense to me at all and so i choose it as one of the pieces i would look into and research on.

Her work reminds me of 'The Might Boosh'. I see their work as being similar in the sense that they are confidently colourful, queer and they both posses a lot of teen humor . They dress up in their videos in crazy clothes that most people wouldn't dream of doing and i love this. I find it quite inspiring in an kind of odd way.

Here is an example clip of The Mighty Boosh:-

^ A still from The Mighty Boosh.

^A still from Rachel Maclean.

Anyway. It turns out that 'Tae Think Again' is one of many that Rachel Maclean has produced and stared in. As you can see from the clip her image has been manipulated, cropped and fiddled with to create a unique style of short film. She mimes words and songs from well known stars and uses computer techniques to graphically clone herself. I think its clever her doing this because it means she doesn't need to relie on actors to turn up, plus i think it would allow her to put across her Art exactly as she would want it to be.

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